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What To Do When You Only Have One Day in Mykonos

Super Paradise beach, Mykonos

While I absolutely think you should spend more than one day in Mykonos, I know many tourists visit on a cruise or day tour and therefore have limited time on the island. So for all those people, this guide is for you.


Get Lost in the Streets of Mykonos Town

Start the morning off by strolling around Mykonos Town and getting lost in its labyrinth of streets. According to local legend, the towns confusing laneways were designed to repel pirates back in the day, now they just serve as an all too easy way to lose your children. The streets are filled with souvenir shops and boutiques to spend your money, but keep in mind you’ll likely be paying double the price compared to what you’d find in Athens. Mykonos also has some fantastic modern art galleries that are all free admission. Try visiting some of my favourites including Rarity Gallery, Spyral Art Gallery, Gallery Skoufa and The Big White Gallery. Most importantly make sure your camera is fully charged, because you’ll be stopping every few metres to snap a white washed building or blue door. Mykonos truly is a photographers paradise.

Fruit shop in Mykonos town
Streets in Mykonos Town
Familia restaurant in Mykonos
Streets in Mykonos Town
Streets in Mykonos Town
Pepper's Courtyard in Mykonos, Greece
Streets in Mykonos Town
Streets in Mykonos Town

Little Venice and the Windmills

To find Little Venice, which you’re bound to recognise from countless postcards and Instagram snaps, simply head towards the west side of town by the water. The houses here have all been turned into tavernas and cocktail bars and make for the perfect place to sit and view the windmills. Although no longer operational, these windmills have become the symbol of Mykonos and are now the main attraction on the island. Not surprisingly it’s also INCREDIBLY windy here, so ladies bring a hair tie and hold onto your skirt because you’ll probably have a few Marilyn moments.

If you’re starting to feel peckish then grab a gyros from Pepper, they were hands down my favourite gyros I had in Greece (and boy did I have a few). They also have one of the prettiest courtyards for an impromptu photo-shoot. Now that you’ve ticked off Mykonos Town it’s time to head straight to the beach.

Little Venice, Mykonos
Shopping in Mykonos Town
Little Venice, Mykonos Greece
Streets in Mykonos Town
Windmills in Mykonos, Greece
Old port in Mykonos, Greece
Shopping in Mykonos Town
Souvenir shopping in Mykonos Town
Familia restaurant in Mykonos
Pepper's Courtyard in Mykonos, Greece
Streets in Mykonos Town


Beach Club

If you’re used to beaches like Australia where you bring your towel and find your spot on the sand, then European beaches are going to be a fun, new (and expensive) experience. Practically every beach in Mykonos has a row of restaurants and beach clubs that provide deck chairs and umbrellas for rent, with the most famous and exclusive one being Nammos on Psarou Beach. If you’re looking to be highly entertained with people watching, then this is the place for you. Expect to see a lot of women who think wearing their Louboutin’s to the beach is a good idea (it’s really not).

Paraga Beach also has some great beach club options at Kalua and Scorpios, and is less than a 30 minute walk to the neighbouring beach of Platis Gialos should you feel like beach hopping. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a secluded beach minus the music and beach clubs then head to Agios Sostis, which also happens to be a nude beach (you have been warned).

Platis Gialos beach Mykonos
Agios Sostis beach, Mykonos
Infinity pool at St. John hotel Mykonos
Kalua Paraga Beach, Mykonos Greece


If you’re visiting on a cruise ship or day tour, then this is most likely where we say goodbye to you, but for anyone who might be on a sailing tour and docked for the night then continue reading.

Sunset and Dinner in Mykonos Town

For the best view of Mykonos come sunset time, you’ll want to be at  180° Sunset Bar. Being that we’re in the Mediterranean, dinner here is also a lot later than what you’d be used to with most people eating after 9 or 10pm. So as long as you partake in my favourite pastime of snacking, then the whole not eating dinner until what for some would be almost bedtime will work out just fine. If you’re looking for a restaurant right next to the sea with views of the windmills, then head straight to my regular dining spot of Nice and Easy.

Party Until Sunrise

For anyone who thinks they’re too old to be out until sunrise, well this is Mykonos, and when you’re not finishing dinner until midnight you’ll be surprised at just how much easier it is to stay up till dawn. So spend the rest of the night (morning) bar hopping your way through Little Venice.

Views of white houses in Mykonos 180 Degree Sunset Bar, Mykonos 180 Degree Sunset Bar, Mykonos
180 Degree Sunset Bar, Mykonos
180 Degree Sunset Bar, Mykonos
Sunset from 180 Degree Sunset Bar, Mykonos

Getting Around

It’s virtually impossible to get a taxi in Mykonos and if you do you might be waiting an hour. With only 30 taxis on the island and up to 60,000 people during the summer months, there’s just simply not enough taxis on the island to meet tourist demand. Hiring a car/ATV or simply taking the bus will be your best option.

Infinity pool at St. John hotel Mykonos

Have you been to Mykonos? What were your favourite things to do?

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